Friday, July 18, 2014

Kids Play Zone

If you're building a house and you have young children I think an activity room is a MUST. Somewhere for them to play when inside, watch TV & keep their toys. A place they can let their imaginations run wild on a rainy day. It's also great for playdates! I like that no matter how much mess they make I don't have to look at it all day. My kids bedrooms come off the activity room so it really is their own zone in our home.

When you walk into my home to left is the activity room and this is what you'll see when walking past (if not covered in toys). I'm thinking of adding some framed photos of the kids with their friends down the narrow wall on the left.

I love the world map! I had it personalised with my kids names. You can get one here: World Map

Once you walk around the corner you'll see this! 

The white tv unit is great as its locks! So the dvd player and the wii is locked away inside. Its from ikea... actually the whole activity room is pretty much all ikea. I shall make a list with links at the end of this post.

I like to frame the extra special artworks. I particularly love the family portrait my son drew recently. All the frames are attached to the wall with 3m Velcro strips so it makes it easy to remove to change the drawings over.

 I like the ikea kids kitchen as its gender neutral, simple and good quality. My daughter plays with it quite a lot. I also have a love for wooden play food, so I couldn't resist these wooden canisters.

White TV unit: CABINET PS
Cube storage: EXPEDIT (now called KALLAX)
Small table: LACK
Blue chair: MAMMUT (different blue)
Play kitchen: DUKTIG
Artwork wire: DIGNITET (slightly different to mine)

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