Monday, July 21, 2014

Be My Guest

The guest room is a different style to the rest of my house. I used black gloss furniture instead of the dark wood. I think in bedrooms its fun the play around with different styles and looks. I mentioned in my kids room posts about starting with a quilt cover and styling from there. However this room started with the artwork.

Have you ever seen an artwork and fallen in love, you don't know why but you just have to have it?? Well that happened to me with the artwork in this guest room. This piece is by Nicholas Girling 'Birdman Aqua'. Only a limited number of these prints are printed, each signed and numbered. I bought a large poster frame and then a large piece of thick white card to make my own custom border.

We don't have guests often but I didn't want the spare room to turn into storage/junk room like our previous house. Because we don't have guests often I didn't want to spend a fortune. This ment getting creative. I got one bedside from gumtree for $20 and the other was free. I lightly sanded them, sprayed in Dulux black gloss spray paint then updated the handles.

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Melissa Baker-Nguyen said...

Love this space...
Thanks for sharing :)
aka LostBumblebee

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