Monday, August 04, 2014

The Block: Week 1 - Guest Room

Wow the talent this season is amazing. I think they all did really well especially with trade delays doing the steel, asbestos removal and the fact it was their first week which would be really overwhelming.
I really like Dee's style (minus those lights). How funny they made her stand on a custom made box so the camera man could get both Darren and her heads in one shot.

Shannon & Simon the brothers were this weeks winners. I really like the yellow and you could tell all their finishes were done perfectly. Very good quality, I'm impressed for 2 young guys. Yes little judgmental of me but i did not expect them to do so well. 

I do have to say I'm little over the wooden walls from last season so i hope it doesn't continue throughout the whole apartment. Did anyone else notice their interesting choice of decorative item. . . a wooden tube of black lead pencils?!

The lamp can be purchased from The Block Shop for $1795. There is a cheaper alternative at The Secret Room for $465. Otherwise another option, different look but similar concept is from Beacon for $149.

Best price for the side table is on The Block Shop for $289. Otherwise a couple of other ideas are Iron Drum side table from Complete Pad for $165 or Kelly side table from Freedom for $149.


Anonymous said...

I loved the winning room except for the cactus. I'm over the wood too - would be nice to see something different this year. I liked some of the other rooms this week too but I would choose "finishes" over decoration any time (decor is easy to change).

fleurh81 said...

Room was amazing, but tend to agree that we've seen a lot of wood in the past years. Time for something new. Thanks for the the cheaper recommendations! Will check them out.

Lisa Warren said...

My favourite this week was Chris and Jenna's bedroom. I just love the simplicity, and those exposed trusses.

Tara said...

You can also get the lamps from King Furniture in Nedlands, unsure on price though, just saw in the window :)

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