Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Organise: Ensuite Cupboards/Drawers

I have a collection of baskets that I've collected over the last month. My plan is to continue organising all cupboards and drawers in my home. This past weekend i decided to organise a space i use daily. . . my ensuite.

My top drawer is full of products i use daily or weekly. It looked rather messy

Sure i could straighten up the products and make them look neat but i can  promise by end of the week the drawer would look a mess again.

I added these baskets from Kmart. The larger ones are $2.25 for 2 and smaller one comes in a pack of 4 for $2.25. Very cheap baskets but very effective. I sorted products into daily, weekly/monthly and hair accessories.

My second drawer wasn't too messy but it had a large chunky box full of nail polishes. I've been making to take them out of box but worried about them moving around when opening/closing the drawer. 

Once again the Kmart baskets came to the rescue. I sorted the nail polishes into colour ranges (I'm bit OCD like that) with the top coats and accessories separate. My polishes are now easy to see and access

I have these nail polish sample displays from eBay. When you have quite a few nail polishes they can look similar in the bottle and some polishes look completely different once painted onto nails. This is a great way to choose which colour to use or if you're wanting to match to an outfit or accessory.

My bottom drawer was already neat - i just added labels to the boxes

Lastly were my cupboards. This is where i mainly keep supplies and new body washes etc. I had a power point put inside the cupboard during our build so i could keep my GHD in the cupboard and not on my bench. It's great being able to open cupboard, use my straightener and then close the door again. No cords everywhere

I used another kind of Kmart basket, couple of small jars and a medium size rattan basket from Woolworths. You may remember the large Woolies baskets from my Pantry and my WIL


Fee said...

I use those Kmart baskets in my drawers too :)

Cara Johnson said...

Oh your blog is amazing! I'm loving all your posts! We are currently building and I cannot wait to try some on you design and organisational ideas. Well done.

Lime & Mortar said...

Those are such kind words. Thank you so much *blush*

Anonymous said...

^ agree with what she (Cara) said! And I L-O-V-E the sewing room. That gave me an excitement headache. I wasn't going to comment coz I was embarrassed I'd be rambling on every single post and I'd look like a desperate stalker ... but here I am ... LOL

Lime & Mortar said...

Hehe don't worry i like to read comments so don't be embarrassed :)

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