Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Colour Pop: Purple

When asking readers on my Facebook page their favourite colour purple was common as was pink. I gave readers the choice this week and purple won. As a teenager i had a bright purple room with orange accents. I later switched all the orange for a lighter purple. There is a wide range of purple from cool to warm. I personally prefer the cooler purples. 

a) Kmart - Toilet Brush Set
c) Pillow Talk - Estelle Cushion
g) KitchenAid - Boysenberry 
h) Vast Interior - Ceramic Stool
i) Pillow Talk - Hermosa Bottle Range
j) Pillow Talk - Urban Nest Coaster
k) Target - Bellini Dome Kettle
l) The Gallery Shop - Bamboo Salad Bowl
n) Pillow Talk - Bathmats Pack
o) Cotton On - Mason Jug
p) Beacon - Lace Lamp
s) Matt Blatt - Smokey Candle Holder 
t) Target - Venetian Rib Candle
w) Ikea - Panna Placemat
x) Officeworks - Kis Bi Box 26L


Kat - The Organised Housewife said...

ooh I like that lace lamp, very pretty!

Lime & Mortar said...

Its very pretty! I have the aqua version in my daughters room and there is a lace pattern on the top as well.

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