Saturday, August 02, 2014

Side of House: Brick Choice

When it came to choosing all our exterior colours for the house we knew we wanted grey renders for the front and a white roof. The only decision we needed to make was our brick choice. We were going with 2 course bricks (bricks are same size as 2 bricks). Our choice of colours were mostly cream or red in different textures. However there was this dark choice - with or without white flecks. We decided we wanted this brick only if we could upgrade to white mortar. We thought with white mortar it would go nicely with the white flecks in the brick and our white roof. The standard builders mortar here is cream, which often looks quite orange from the orange sand used. The builder agreed to upgrade to white mortar, it was quite pricey but the brickwork isn't something we could change later down the track.

We love how the bricks and mortar turned out. . . its something different and worth the extra cost.

Now I've explained the brick choice this is the laundry side of the house. The laundry sliding doors are right next to the washing line. Its very convenient, this also means there is a light near the washing line incase we need to go out there at night time. 

The other windows looking out onto the garden are the scullery & Sophie's room (cant see out the bathroom or toilet). This side of the house gets western sun which is very hot in summer. This ment choosing plants that could handle it. We have rosemary, Agaves, Aloe Vera, Tiger Grass & Snake Plants.

Tip: Agaves, Aloe Vera & Snake Plants all multiply. If any of your friends or family have these plants see if they will give you some of the baby plants. Snake plant is the fastest to multiply. We were lucky enough to get all these plants from friends (except rosemary & tiger grass).



Unknown said...

I've been thinking of getting some Tiger Grass - just got to decide where to put it! Fee

V said...

We've chosen the same brick and the white window frames also :)
Alas, we couldn't get the white mortar no matter how much I begged :(
Fingers crossed it still looks amazing with the cream as your house looks incredible :)

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