Saturday, August 02, 2014

Garden: Fruit Trees

When we built we had an agreement that inside the house was mine and outside the house was hubbys. However i still get a say in the outside. Hubby was very set on having lots of fruit trees. He retained the area in limestone blocks and did all the retic himself.

Banana, Lady Finger Banana, Papaya, Lime, Lemon, Kaffir Lime, Avocado, Mango, Orange, Passion fruit, Blackberry/Dewberry, Raspberry, Blackberry & Blueberries.

These photos were before we did the play area and garden shed. I was going to take some new photos but its bit of a construction zone at the moment. 

Fruit salad anyone??


N said...

This looks fabulous, very exciting for you! This inspires me for my yard. Thanks.

Lime & Mortar said...

We have already got 2 oranges so far. Can't wait until they all fruit. Delicious!

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