Thursday, August 14, 2014

Organise: Under the Kitchen Sink

Ill confess, i haven't organised this cupboard once since moving in almost 9 months ago. Everything sort of just gets put in there, close the doors and walk away. It is pretty messy for a cleaning supplies cupboard.

I got 2 each of these Kmart coloured handle baskets - Large & Small. I have a basket for items i use daily, sponges/cloths, section for dishwasher items, extra paper towel rolls, basket for all other cleaning products and last basket is floor cleaners. I added a 3m hook to inside the door to hand the dustpan & brush.
The previous under shelf basket whilst a great idea it didn't work for my purpose as it was hard to access cloths. I will find another purpose for it when i continue organising spaces.

My friend put me onto this multi-purpose spray - Mint Kleen. As soon as i saw peppermint and ideal for stone bench tops i was sold. This spray makes my stone nice and shiny and i really love the fresh mint smell. Bonus for anyone who may have an ant problem inside - this spray deters insects. Will be great for outdoor tables and bench tops too.


Natalie Land said...

Oh my word. I've never seen so many cleaning products. Be careful with the Glen 20. I chucked mine out after I read the warnings.

I just use vinegar and bicarb for my stone and granite bench.

Lime & Mortar said...

Most of them are natural. I hate vinegar! Otherwise they've been brought over from old house and not used often - EG carpet stain remover etc. Once empty a lot of them wont be replaced.

Chesterfieldbythesea said...

I went hunting for Mint Kleen spray after seeing this Leanne. It is the best for Caesarstone benchtops and the only thing I've tried that doesn't leave them all streaky. Thanks for the tip!

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

Under the sink storage is hard to organise isnt it! I put pull out caddies in my kitchen and laundry to store the bottles it really helps but baskets are needed too! I love that spray its the best on granite benchtops and smells devine
Hello from a fellow Perth renovator / home lover :)

Lime & Mortar said...

Hey there Michelle. Look forward to checking out your blog tonight :)

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