Sunday, August 03, 2014

Garden Shed - Built by Hubby

As part of getting ready to clean up the garage Hubby (need come up with another name for him) designed a garden shed to move all the garden tools and equipment into. He bought all the supplies and just started. It's amazing how he can come up with an idea and just make it happen with very little planning.

Started with a wooden frame with damp course along the bottom to stop the wood from rotting.

Next he inserted a tinted piece of perspex as a window and started to cover in zincalume sheet metal.

The roof was next - hubby used opaque poly-carbonate roof sheets. This allowed light into the shed without needing to install electricity. The garden shed can then double as a greenhouse.

The shed still needs a door - hubby is still deciding between a door made of sheet metal or a wooden external door. Inside the garden shed will be shelving, pegboard and so on which i will make a post about. Order of photos: left side, back & right side 

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Anonymous said...

So talented! It looks great.

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