Thursday, August 07, 2014

Indoor Plants

I LOVE plants inside a home. Adding a plant can completely change the feel of a room. I have a mix of artificial and real plants inside my home.

For real plants you'll need to choose a pot that comes with a saucer for underneath the pot or does not have any draining holes. Have fun with the pot choose texture or pop of colour.

I turned this cheap terracotta pot from Masters into something little more colourful and modern. To achieve this look paint your pot in one colour. Next using painters tape tape a slant all the way around (or you can choose whichever pattern you like). Next paint the base your chosen colour. It's that easy!

Real plants are great for purifying the air. They grow, change shape and depending on the plant they flower. We have had our money tree (Dracaena Massangeana) since we met in 2006. It's been in all kinds of sunlight and has grown well.  Our Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata) we only got a few months ago but i really love the look.

Other fantastic indoor plants are: Chinese Evergreen, Succulents & Boston Fern


There are also cons to real plants, depending on your situation. You may have young children who will dig in the soil, not enough sunlight to keep the plant alive, travel often or you simply cant seem to keep plants alive. In those situations artificial plants are fantastic. The trick is to choose ones that look real.

    • When re-potting indoor plants use the good quality potting mix.
    • If the plant states the soil should be well drained you can add pea gravel to the base of the pot. 
    • Clean leaves by wiping with a solution of milk and water (50:50) to keep the leaves glossy, free of dust and healthy.
    • Keep an eye on plants placed next to windows during summer, as strong sun will often burn the leaves of fragile indoor plants.
    • When using a large pot fill base with foam or plastic bottles - this ensures the pot isnt too heavy and saves money on soil. If the pot is tall you'll need weight in the base. 
    • Brown tips on leaves may mean too much water or not enough. How often are you watering?!
    • Don’t leave plants near heaters during winter; they get too hot and the leaves will burn. Move them to the furthest spot from the heater during this time
    • Don’t leave pots in saucers full of water for long periods this can cause the plant to rot
    • If you feel the plant is not doing well inside, don't let it die, move it outside and see how it goes. 


Natalie Land said...

I've only ever heard of Jade plants being called a money tree. The Chinese put one at their front and back door to keep the money from leaving the house.

I really need a new plant in my bedroom and I need to do the research because I know some release carbon dioxide at night and some don't (or very little). A friend posted a link on Facebook ages ago so I will have to investigate. Might have been a maiden hair fern. Not sure. You've inspired me to research this next week. Thanks.

Lime & Mortar said...

I didnt know that about the carbon dioxide at night. I dont have any in my room as not enough natural light. Funny you say that about the money tree as we have one at our front door and the location of our really tall one (photo above) is at the back door

Sergey Fedorovich said...

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