Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kids Parties: Pirate Party

AHOY! From the age 3-4 years old my son was pirate obsessed. Anytime we saw something with a skull and crossbones on it he wanted it. Due to this obsession i thought i would give him a pirate party for this 4th birthday.

I'll start with my favourite pirate creation. . . the cake. I name this cake 'Surprise Treasure Cake'. I had decided i was going to do an island with pirates and sharks with blue buttercream for the ocean. I have never used fondant before so i try pick cakes where buttercream can be used well. On the island i added an 'x' to mark the spot. When we cut the cake open all the treasure (smarties, mini m&ms & gold coins) spilled out, there was plenty of ooooohs and aaaaaahs around the room. I entered this cake into a Huggies cake competition and won the prize for best cake that month. I'm really proud of this cake as i created the idea in my head and made it come to life. It's probably my most favourite cake I've made so far

The invite was made by my friend at Cub and Bunny

It happened to be a really windy day at the party which worked well with the pirate flags. I also included a front door sign i made (the photo isn't great with the gloss black card)

Inside i had dress ups for all the kids (and adults). There were masks and paper hats and in the ship were all the eye patches. You can download your copy of the dress up sign from my 'Printables' tab.

There were 2 different types of party favours to go with the hats and eye patches - older kids got chocolates & stickers and the toddlers got an activity book. 

Download the Pirate Loot bag toppers from: B.Nute

I had convinced myself i had purchased a red tablecloth for the party food table, but when setting up i could only find a black one. It turned out alright in the end though with the bunting and colourful food. I must of been busy busy as i don't seem to have a photo of the table with ALL the food in place. 

 I used a black icing pen to add pirate eye patches to these freddo biscuits

Apply kids temporary tattoos to bananas 

 I didn't get a clear photo of the frankfurt octopuses. You can just see them in this photo. To create these slit the ends of the frankfurt before boiling, this will cause each piece to curl up. Next used a black food pen to create eyes.

Download your copy of Jello Sails from: Paging Supermom

I set up a 'Walk The Plank' activity for the kids. Using blue plastic table cloth i created the ocean. I stuck grey cardboard fins onto skewers and stuck them through the table cloths into the grass, this also helped keep the table cloth in place on such a windy day.

Birthday boy in his costume

To totally blow Master T's mind hubby dressed up as a pirate for the day. This was a last minute decision and i spent all day the day before the party finding a costume. Was totally worth it !

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