Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Block: Triple Threat - New Teams

Yay The Block is back!! I'm so excited to be posting about The Block again... it's my favourite reno show. This season I will be working along side The Block Shop to bring you fantastic photos of the room reveals along with products to help you create a similar look.

So what is your first impressions of the new teams? I am a bit excited about a WA team. There is never many WA teams I guess with the show being on the other side of the country. I really hope they are one of the remaining teams. I don't think I have seen enough of the teams but by first impressions I'm unsure about Ayden & Jess and Brooke & Aimee. But time will tell!

Such a big challenge for elimination. No fake little room set ups with a decorating challenge this season. If you missed last night what is happening is all 6 teams are renovating a bedroom (reveal is tonight) then one team will be eliminated. The remaining 5 teams will then renovate living/dining space, again  one team will be eliminated at the reveal. Remaining 4 teams will then renovate a bathroom in 72 hours. Last team is eliminated and the remaining 3 teams will go to the real block complex. I think this is a great way to see who is the right fit for The Block.
I will say one thing though... please stop with the timber feature walls. They have been done to death on The Block and I'd love to see something new and different *hides from the timber loving fans*
Purple Team: Tim & Anastasia - SA
Blue Team: Ayden & Jess - QLD
Pink Team: Brooke & Aimee - VIC
Red Team: Mark & JJ - NSW
Yellow Team: Luke & Ebony - WA
Orange Team: Josh & Charlotte - NSW

In the coming weeks we will see our triple threat teams return to battle for a spot in the competition. Whilst Kim & Matt are a WA team i really do love Bec & George. I like their style and how positive they are. Which team are you hoping returns to the show?
I wonder which of these teams will be remaining in a couple of weeks!

So tell me, is there a couple that has given you a first impression... good or bad? A couple you know you'll love or hate?


Anonymous said...

I'm relying on you Leanne. My usual "source" for watching The Block overseas has been closed down! No Aussie telly for me. *Sad, timber-wall-loving face*.

Anonymous said...

i had a block break the last season but I am back on watching. moving into a new house next year so hoping for some lovely tips

Michelle Barrington said...

My comment just got eaten! I loved the show last year and as annoying as I found Dee I thought her style was bang on and her apartment WAS much smaller. I wish they wouldn't choose such glamorous looking couples because any real renovator knows there is nothing glamorous about it

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the show! Been hanging for to return! totally agree about the timber walls - no more please! Sam

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