Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jenni's Home Tour - Part 1

Today im really excited to share with you an amazing home... i gave you a sneak peek in December (see post here). Today i will be sharing the kids bedrooms with you. Next week i shall have part 2 of Jenni's house tour. The photos are taken by Jenni's husband... they are fantastic. He is very talented.. perhaps he should come take photos of my home for me!
I will leave you now with these gorgeous images to enjoy... all descriptions are written by Jenni.

Elodie's room started with the white bed from Domayne, and my love for the mint and pink combination has shone through in here. I first saw the Budgie Smuggler tea towel on Instagram and knew it would work well in here. My favourite item is probably the gorgeous origami paper light from Snowpuppe Studio in the Netherlands. It is so pretty, and I love the geometric shape of the folds. Two new additions are the Sprout and Sparrow Minty heart print and the colourful 'be happy' printable from kirliux (both Instagram finds).

Oliver's room is evolving, but the Ikea shelves have been a recent addition to store books and a multitude of favourite superheroes. I bought the vintage world map poster and turned it into a wall hanging using timber dowel and string. My son loves to look at the map and see where we are located relative to other countries. The Acapulco chair is so versatile and comfortable and gets moved outside too on occasion! I've used a simple Ikea chest of drawers for storage to supplement the built in wardrobe, as well as an Ikea rug on the floor The word banner helps with letter recognition, and this quote from the Lego movie sets a fun mood. I mix up Ollie's bed linen, mostly with cotton on kids bed linen.

This room revamp was inspired by Angus' move to a bed from a cot. I started with the wall decals, as I wanted a monochrome base with bursts of colour. I love colour too much to go true monochrome, but it was a great base. I chose the Miniwilla Berg print from Yellow Dandy early on, along with the charcoal grey bed from Fantastic Furniture. I upcycled the chest of drawers as it had been in my parents' garage.The grey and white combination I chose works in great with the rest if the room. Other features include the lightning wall flag by Little Olive and Co, "Batman is sleeping" print by Mitahli Designs, and a Star Wars Lego Yoda light.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these kids rooms as much as i did. Stay tuned for part two!


Krissy Barnes said...

Such sweet bedroom ideas! I love the bedspread in the last photo! Super adorable

Fleur - Our Urban Box said...

I stumbled upon this insta feed the other day and as soon as I saw it, I recognised from your previous post. I love everything about this home and can't wait of part two x

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