Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Colour Pop: Charcoal & Mint

This weeks colour pop is inspired by my friends new lounge room. She has a fabric charcoal lounge with mint throw and cushions. I adore this combination.. it's stunning. So of course I had to make a baord with mint and charcoal goodness.
a) Freedom - Beaumont Mirror
b) Freedom - Noah Wall Clock
c) Leo & Bella - Pineapple Lamp
d) Freedom - Insignia Vessel
e) Beacon - Miami Table Lamp
f) Shop Inside - Aura Cross Throw
h) Freedom - Almeida Armchair (No link)
i) Jumbled - Volta Side Table
j) Lime Tree Kids - Jewellery House
k) Target - Lisa T Money Box
m) Hall About The House - Mint Arrows
o) Adairs - Majestic Ottoman
p) Beacon - Tatum Table Lamp
q) Lime Tree Kids - Low Wire Basket
r) Adairs - Oslo Cross Cushion


Karin @ Calm to Conniption said...

Love both of those lamps and the side table. I have a think for marble of late. I must be growing up!!

Fleur - Our Urban Box said...

Love the side table!! Mint and charcoal are quite the match!

Ruthie @ All Things Meraki said...

I just cannot get over my love affair with MINT & Turquoise... thank you for sharing this colour pop!

Shan@FortyUp said...

I'm loving all things grey right now, mint's not quite my deal, maybe I could go a dusky pale blue......hmmmm!

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