Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kids Activity Room - Rainbow Makeover

I posted months ago I was going to give the kids activity room a makeover with a bit of shine and rainbow (see post here). Finally I have finished putting it all together so I can share some photos with you. My kids are really not into toys much so the playroom needed to be changed to suit their needs. It's more grown up and should last some time now.

I painted the wall the desks are on in Dulux 'Flooded Gum'. Then added silver polka dots just to add a bit of a feature to the room. Plus I really wanted to do polka dots somewhere. I used some of the spare dots in my powder room.

I added desks and chairs so they can sit and colour in or build lego or anything they like. Now my dining table will stay nice with no crayon or scratches and dents! Most the toys are now kept in their rooms which come off the playroom as they both have a lot of storage.
 I framed photos of the kids with their friends for them to enjoy. My mum had the kids names made at Christmas time. They are hand drawn with their favourite characters/things in them.

 My favourite part of this room... this whole set up!

Lime & Mortar: Rainbow & Cloud Print & Little Olive & Co: Fruit Banner

 Im sure our artwork wire will fill up again once Master T is back at school and Miss S starts playgroup again.

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