Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dulux Duramax Product Review

I was sent the new range of Dulux Duramax spray paint. I was able to choose a range of colours/effects to try out and share with you. I chose Diamond Finish in Silver, Enamel in Gloss White, Bright Finish in Gold and Granite Effect in Grey. Last week I used the gold one in Gold Animal Jars.

Dulux Duramax is a fast drying spray paint range. It dries 10x faster than normal spray paint. You only have to wait 20 minutes between coats and your item is ready to use in a hour! This makes it great for any project you need to do with limited time. Dulux Duramax comes in 29 colours plus a range of specialty colours/effects.

Diamond Finish - Silver: I loved this spray however it ddoesn't photograph well so i dont have photos to show. It actually reminded me on glitter hairspray. I only needed to do one coat and it was ready to use by the one hour mark. This spray paint is great to add sparkle to items in a little girls room and Christmas decor.

Enamel - Gloss White: I found this spray paint very powerful. It spray a lot of paint at once which made it little more difficult to do thin coats so i did get a couple of run marks that I had to smooth out. This spray paint is great to transform old photo frames like i did in Miss S's room.
Bright Finish - Gold: This one if my favourite. The spray comes out lightly and the finish on this gold is amazing. I transformed a range of items around my home. I think the options for this gold spray paint is endless. I will be buying more of this one when it runs out. I would like to try the silver too.
Granite Effect - Grey: This spray paint is fascinating. It almost looked like textured sand when i spray it on the pot so i had to touch it. It was actually lots of small dots of different coloured paint. I have no idea how Dulux did this but i was a little mind blown. Very cool! I sprayed some pots I had laying around. However I did not do any primer. I would recommend using a black, grey or white pot. Otherwise make sure you prime them first so the colour doesnt show through. The can of paint ran out doing these. I would have liked to do more coats but I dont think it would have been needed if they were not brightly coloured.
 Close up of the effect. It dries texture just like granite pots. Im really impressed and would also buy more of this paint to use on old pots. Id like to try it on plastic pots too. Would be a cheap way to get the granite pot look.
** I received these Dulux Duramax spray paints for the purpose of review. However my opinions are honest and entirely of my own. Dulux is my choice of paint brand. 


Mum said...

Love the gold and granite !

Nat @ This Littel Yellow House said...

Do you think these would work on glass? I would like to have silver lids on my glass canisters but not sure it would hold on glass. Can you test for me Leanne?

Lime & Mortar said...

Nat i shall spray some of the gold onto a spare jar later on for you and let you know. I have sprayed painted jars before and it has worked fine :)

Natalie Land said...

Did you try it yet Leanne?

Ashlea Kerr said...

That gold looks amazing - the granite is pretty nifty too!

annie said...

Hi! just wondering if you just sprayted the gold onto your jars as is or did you prime them in any way?
I'm looking to buy some to transform coffee table legs

P.S they look fantastic

Lime & Mortar said...

I didn't prime. However if doing wood then may be a good idea to prime first 😊

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