Monday, January 12, 2015

Choosing Best Orientation For Your Home Build

When we first built we did not take solar orientation for our home. It was never mentioned and being total newbies and not knowing anyone who had built it just did not occur to us. We ended up with very bad solar orientation. We had our master bedroom and garage facing north and all the living spaces facing west. Complete opposite to what is suggested. This ment the house got so hot in summer.

Our current home we focused on the solar aspect. The back of our home is north, the windows are protected by eaves and the large alfresco. The west side is the bathroom, toilet, scullery, laundry & Miss S's room. We have tinted Miss S's room windows and used 2 long narrow windows. With the south being the front of our house the 2 bedrooms stay cool as well as the garage.

It is suggested you have all your living spaces on the north... eaves will protect the windows with the high summer sun but give you great light. In winter the lower sun will warm your home. Eaves are important and suggest to be all the way around your home. They are not needed on garages and possibly ok on the south side.
You should have minimal windows facing west. It's best to put utilities such as laundries, bathrooms toilets etc on the west side and no bedrooms if possible. The southern side of your home will remain the coolest in both winter and summer.

You can read in detail all about orientation HERE

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