Monday, January 19, 2015

Back To School: Lunchbox Ideas

Master T started Kindy last year, i only had to make lunch 5 days a fortnight. I generally stuck to choose one item from each of these categories - main, fruit, dairy with sweet & savoury snack. Morning tea we were asked to bring a piece of fruit for the class to share.
My frittata cupcakes and pizza scrolls are perfect for lunchboxes

Term 4 i switched to bento style lunches using Yumbox. My kids loving having a mixed plate of food so this style lunch works well for them. I make Miss S a lunchbox on the day Master T had school as she enjoys it and its convenient to just take her lunch out fridge ready to go. Specially if we go out somewhere.

Here are some links to some fantastic lunchbox ideas for bento style lunches. I dont always make my fancy with the cute cutters you can get. If you live near a Daiso apparently you can get lots of great goodies for only $2.80. We dont have Daiso in WA so i got mine mostly from ebay and Little Bento World


Mum Of Five Girls said...

Great ideas! I think I will look at getting a few of those sandwich cutters this year...too cute!

Anonymous said...

omgoodness where do you get the puzzle sandwich cutter? so cute!

Lime & Mortar said...

You can find the puzzle sandwich cutter on eBay
We have lots - dinosaurs, hearts, butterfly, cars, teddy, rabbit and more

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