Sunday, January 04, 2015

Choosing Bed Linen

Choosing bed linen is one of most important choices when it comes to decorating a bedroom. I personally will base a room around the chosen bed linen. The only exception being artwork - like my guest room.

Bed linen can change the mood and the look of the bedroom even with minimal changes to the rest of the room. You need to consider what feel you want for the bedroom. Whites and soft tones will give the room a clean calm feeling. Where bright colours add some fun and life to the room.

Here is an example of my bedroom. When we first moved in we had a white and light grey chevron patterned quilt cover with touch of chartreuse cushions. I then fell in love with a bright set from Adairs and I had to have it so I completely change it all. The only other changes I made to the room was print you can see in the ensuite. Everything else stayed the same yet the room felt a lot more happier to me. I have since added some items to my bedside also

In my guest room the artwork came first. I needed bed linen to suit the artwork however I didn't want to spend a fortune as the guest room is not used much. In my rush to have the guest room ready to use I grabbed a bold black/white stripe set from Freedom in clearance. A couple of months ago Adairs had a really good sale for Linen Lovers and I spotted a quilt cover with the mint and coral in it. It was reduced from $189 to $65... it was a sign. I love the softer look it has in the room and how it adds so much more colour as I don't want to add too much to this room. I like both these looks.

Choosing kids bed linen can help you work out the colour scheme and theme for their room. I fell in love with a fabric range in pinks, aqua and touch of red for Miss S's room so I had a quilt made in those fabrics and based the rest of the room decor around the bed linen. So my advice when decorating your child's room is to choose the bed linen first and go from there


Michelle Barrington said...

Great post. I love the bright colours of your main bedroom linen change but I am super fussy about the pattern. I can't sleep under a quilt that feels too busy.

Jess - alittlepartoftheworld said...

Lovely colourful rooms. We really need some new bed linen for our room to give it a bit of a lift. I tend towards the neutrals but also love a pop of colour here and there. It's amazing the lift the right coloured linen can give a room. Well done and thanks for sharing. Jx

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