Sunday, May 31, 2015

Reno Rumble: Week 4 Reveal

Alright I'm going to say it... I feel like Im seeing the same stuff every week now. Light walls, warm natural wood, greys, marble and black features. Oh with a touch of plants. The houses are very pretty to look at though. I would just love to see something completely different!

I don't have any favourite rooms this week. There is only one thing I really dislike and that's the wine fridges on both ends of the kitchen island facing out. They create bit of an eye sore.

Blue Tongues were this week's winners sending Red Backs to elimination. Ben & Jemma have now left leaving both teams with only 2'couples each. Carly & Leighton are the only remaining original Blue Tongues.

Do you have a favourite team? Who do you think will win?

Carly & Leighton
Ayden & Jess

Josh & Jenna
Jemma & Ben
Kyle & Kara

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caris-l said...

I was thinking the exact same thing through this last reveal, how much all the houses ended up looking the same. It's strange that each house gets a completely different design brief, yet they all come off looking pretty similar with the same features in the end. How many times can they use Carrara marble really?

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