Sunday, May 24, 2015

Our New Deck Area Reveal

Around 6 weeks ago I shared with you our plans for our deck area with my amazing dodgy drawing (see post here). Julian has been very hard at work and built this entire space himself. He had some help from Master T to do some of the 1000's of screws. I chose most the plants and the arrangement.

It started with Julian removing 3x 6m3 skip bins full of sand by shovel and wheel barrow! He then built a low limestone wall. Next was the deck frame and cementing in 16 posts. All the merbau was laid and screwed into place. We put down weed matting and all the river stones and then Julian built the walkways and secured them in place. We finished off the area with plants. We need to let the wood weather before we can oil it. Really looking forward to oiling the wood as brings out the colour even more.

We cant find any furniture we like yet so atm seating option is the on the floor.... Julian often sits out there on a beanbag. Besides furniture all that's left to complete that area is to do the water feature. We need to replace few of the plants too. Some were moved from the side of our house and they didn't like their new home.

How it looked 6 weeks ago.....
And now after weeks of hard work
This shot shows where the water feature will be. The planks of wood show the width and it will be as high as the limestone wall. The overflow will go over the limestone and disappear into the rocks once its complete. When you look out from our main living space (double sliding doors) this is the section you can see.
This ceramic bowl was never part of the plan but as soon as Julian had finished the deck frame I decided the corner needed something. I decided I wanted exactly this but Julian wasnt convinced.. however we went and found a giant bowl (its 90cm) and we love it! Suits the space completely.
Looking down towards my favourite section of garden. I love the different mix of plants and the contrast between the garden bed and the stones.
This bamboo and tiger grass will eventually grow and create a lovely screen. Most should reach roof height. Most the plants are all young... will be interesting to take another photo in 6 months time.
This shows how close it is to our outdoor cooking area (almost finished too). Under the orange sheet is our wood fire pizza oven. The space underneath will keep all the wood we will need.
And to give perspective of how the whole garden ties together here are the fruit trees and kids play area I have featured previously. We plan to have a vertical herb garden where those benches on the right currently are.
I am so very lucky to have a handy husband who was able to do this all himself. Saved us a fortune in labour and he gets to enjoy his achievement every time he looks and goes outside.


Ruthie said...

Wow! Leanne that deck looks fantastic! Julian has done a great job. Now bring on summer so you can really enjoy it!

KL eternalicons said...

What a transformation! You have both created an amazing retreat.....great vision guys! Love the round bowl offsetting the harder lines too!

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