Monday, May 11, 2015

Reno Rumble: Week 1

We have now seen the first two houses be renovated by each team. You can see the bedrooms HERE. Red backs I think assumed they had it... as the Blue Tongues also thought they could never catch up. However they did and won by 1 point leave the Red backs to be up for elimination. Kyle & Kara had the lowest score however they won immunity from the bedroom round so Michael & Carlene left. All the girls in the Red Back team were in tears. I think they were all shocked as they were convinced they would win.

Looking through the homes I think it was very clear Red Backs are all very used to styling high end minimal apartments... not family homes. I think this is where Blue Tongues had clear advantage. The home the Blue Tongue's created was beautiful. I wasn't really a fan of the kitchen/sitting area the boys did. The boys seem to just choose what they like and not really follow the brief. I hope they are eliminated soon as I don't think they are great team players.

Hopefully next week Red Backs can focus more on creating a family home and pull something together. It will be a tougher week for them with only 3 teams meaning each will have a bigger zone to focus on.

Steve & Michelle
Jemma & Ben
Nick & Chris
Carly & Leighton
Kyle & Kara
Ayden & Jess
Michael & Carlene
Josh & Jenna

Which house was your favourite? Looking at these photos they both look amazing! However watching the show I felt Blue Tongues house felt nicer.

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Shari Wakefield said...

Ummm - I love every single room. I really liked the styling here and wish that someone could just come and do this to my home!

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