Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Colour Pop: Pink, Aqua, Purple Girl's Room

This week's colour pop is a pink, aqua, purple girl's bedroom board. Inspired by Adairs XOXO quilt cover set. Infact every item this week is from Adairs. You don't need to shop at heaps of shops to be able to create a lovely room. I love this colour combination as you can focus on one of two of the colours you love best and keep a hint of the others. This means you can easily update the room without having to change everything. This room would be suitable for a wide range of ages.
Im tempted to buy this quilt cover set away for Miss S. I'm still in love with her room though
a) Adairs - Millie Shelf
b) Adairs - Millie Shelf
c) Adairs - To Do List
d) Adairs - Timber Bunting
e) Adairs - Lulu Love Cushion
g) Adairs - Cloud Shelf
h) Adairs - Fiesta Chair
i) Adairs - Hat Stand
j) Adairs - Cloud Cushion
k) Adairs - Pink Spot Sheets
l) Adairs - Aqua Pineapple
m) Adairs - Taylor Tripod Table
n) Adairs - Mint Big Spot Rug

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