Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Family Room Has Come To Life

After 5 weeks my artwork finally arrived! I knew the wait would be 4-6 weeks but I was starting to get impatient. I had the box sitting next to me in my study for about 5 hours. I was worried I would open it up and not like it. Even Julian was starting to hassle me to open it. So I did and wow I love it! The colours are so bright and I love that the bottom was more lime green than I was expecting as it ties in the lime green in that space really nicely.

The artwork has made my family room come to life actually it has changed the entire feeling of the open main living space. The size is 140x140cm which I think looks perfect in the space. It's amazing what one artwork and a few cushions can do for a space.

Here is how my family room looked before (click here to see more photos)
And here is now! So bright a vibrant
My last Fiddle Leaf Fig lost it's leaves on its trunk so was tall, skinny and bushy on top. I decided to buy more and start again. I now have 4 fiddle leaf figs in a huge pot. I will probably keep cutting the tops so it stays bushy and that height as I like how it looks right now.
I'm going to make or print some new prints for the frames on the table. One will include the bright blue/aqua's of the artwork I think.
 A close up and the water colour

You can purchase this painting for United Artwork - Rugg

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Ashlea Kerr said...

love it - great choice Leanne!! Brightens the room and I love the colours x

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