Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reno Rumble: Week 4 Bedrooms

Week 4 now and the teams are getting smaller and smaller. I feel sorry for Jemma & Ben being on other team where you are minority so get left out.

I don't usually like timber walls but I really do like the way J&J have done this wall. I think it looks really nice with the addition of the fresh plants and the cool colour palette. K&K created a cool area... however judges make me laugh. Marbles in a jar are cool?
Jemma & Ben's room looks like someone had been sleeping and quickly ran out the room before photos. It's been too messy and I dont like how low the bed is. I like both the rooms from the Blue Tongue team. Nice designs and clean finishes.

Josh & Jenna won this week's immunity

Josh & Jenna
Kyle & Kara
Jemma & Ben
Carly & Leighton
Ayden & Jess

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