Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Reno Rumble: Week 3 Bedrooms

I actually didn't get to see the reveal last night but lucky I get sent so many gorgeous images to go through. I also went and had a read to see what the judges thought and see who won immunity.

Kyle & Kara was this week's immunity winners. It's not my style but it's obviously met the brief well. The Red Backs are 3 points ahead. I really like Josh & Jenna's space as its style really well too.One thing I'm really unsure on is Carly & Leighton's wall. I think you either need to expose the brick or not.

What did you think of the black doors? I actually think matte black doors look amazing when painted very well (spray not brush/roller). But I didnt like the gloss on these doors and the awful paint job.

Kyle & Kara
Ayden & Jess
Josh & Jenna
Jemma & Ben

Carly & Leighton

Steve & Michelle

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Shan@FortyUp said...

The Blue team's bickering is going to drive me nuts!!! I have a feeling they're going to mix the teams up pretty soon...... Super Ks not my style either but looking at these pics they are certainly the best this week x

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