Friday, May 15, 2015

Construction Theme Party Food

In August last year I had a construction party for my boy's 5th birthday. I shared all the photos with you and it is very popular on pinterest. I think what's really fun for a kids birthday is doing themed food. It's not always possible but with construction there were so many ideas.

So if you're after a theme for your child's birthday I highly recommend making these treats!

 The savoury food. I put napkins and plates inside a tool box. The savoury food wasn't themed as much as the sweets.
 Sweet food - all the construction theme sweets!
Nuts & Bolts Mix - I mixed together crispix, pretzels, nutrigrain and peanuts. I placed cupcake cases and a scoop so everyone could make their own individual serves. The digger toy helped theme the food even more. You could also serve chips etc in dump trucks.
Tyre Brownies - Make a tray of brownies are normal. Then use a cookie cutter to cut brownies into a circle. I then just used a sharp knife to cut holes in the middle. Iced in chocolate frosting and dipped into chocolate sprinkles to create muddy dirty truck tyres.
Boulders - Using Tim Tam Ball recipe I made these boulders rolled in milo and coconut.
Chocolate Tools - I had a plastic tray left over from a box of chocolate I got Julian for Father's Day one year. I kept it thinking it may come in handy and it did. However I melted it in the dishwasher.
Traffic Light Melon Balls - Using watermelon, rock melon & honey dew I made these traffic light sticks. I did have them stuck in a foam block but the balls started to slide down the sticks.
Stop Sign Jelly Slice - I use a octagon cookie cutter to cut the shapes. The shapes didnt turn out too well though. I think use white icing pen to write on STOP.
Barricade Jelly Cups - I used tall plastic shot glasses from reject shop. I think used white electrical tape. I printed and cut little signs out (see Printable's tab for download) and used caution washi tape to attach to lollipop sticks.
 Caution Tape Cake - I shared how to make this caution tape cake: Caution Cake Tutorial


Master Chefette said...

What awesome ideas!!! I love the caution tape cake but especially the jelly slice stop signs, how cute!

Dannielle from Zamamabakes said...

Leanne what a spread! Looks absolutely fantastic!
Love your idea's.
Our 10 year old absolutely loved taking your Marshmallow Pops to school to celebrate his birthday.
Thanks for linking up with our Fabulous Foodie Friday Fun.
Have a great week! xx

Lauren Matheson said...

This looks great Leanne, boys just love construction parties!

Danielle L said...

This is super impressive, the kind of party I love to throw, I've had the idea of a constructionp arty tucked away for a future party for one of my boys and now that all the hard creative work has been done by you it will definitely get a run in the next couple of birthdays!

Shari Wakefield said...

This is so cute and may just be the theme I go with for my second son's first birthday!

Thorough Lad said...

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