Sunday, May 24, 2015

Reno Rumble: Week 3 Reveal

I missed tonight... too many kid birthdays this weekend I had spend evening doing things like getting ready for swimming lessons, packing lunches, folding washing and some work prep too. However I have caught up online... you can too at Reno Rumble website.

Looking at the photos I love the Blue Tongue house with all the contrast and warmth. The Red Back house is little too white for me. However I know many adore the Hamptons style with the touches of blue. My favourite room would the the Blue Tongue's kitchen as I love the window splash back. It was on my must have list when we built our current house however I crossed it off after I saw my floor plan and replaced it was my scullery. I'm not usually a fan of exposed bright but I do think it works really well with this house and the black touches.

I love the skylight in Red Backs dining. I would love something like that in the kids activity room as it's dark in there however not sure it would be worth the cost or even if it's possible due to the roof lines there. I also really like the splash back tile in the kitchen.

Red Backs's won this week so Blue Tongues were up for elimination. The team who were eliminated this week was Michelle & Steve. Scotty then decided to mix things up and asked Carly & Leighton to swap Jenna & Ben for one of the Red Back teams. They chose Ayden & Jess as they think they will all work well together.

Carly & Leighton
Steve & Michelle

Jemma & Ben

Ayden & Jess
Kyle & Kara
Josh & Jenna

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Shan@FortyUp said...

I love these posts you do! Hamptons isn't my style but wow it was an impressive job!! Will be interesting to see how they go in the mixed teams!! x

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