Monday, May 04, 2015

My ECLP - April

Another look inside my ECLP. April was a great decorating month as the colour combo of aqua and purple is so pretty. Erin Condren 2015 life planners are currently almost half price! The 2016 planners will be available mid June. You can order an 18 month planner which will be June '15 to Dec '16 or Jan-Dec '16.

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Week 14: This was Easter week so I used bunnies and easter eggs in soft pastel colours. It was decorated before I started selling planner stickers but I'll be using my set next year: Easter Pack
Week 15: Inspired by kikkiK live bright range. Lilac and gold using live bright washi tape and stickers.
Week 16: One of my most favourite weeks. This colour combination is stunning. My Purple Peppermint Pack is one of most popular weekly sets in my shop.
Week 17: Another rainbow week (it wont be my last). Lots of my own designs this week. I particularly love my macaron rainbow stack. See Macaron Stickers
Week 18: My birthday week.. lots of girly pink and purple. So pretty!

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So pretty - I love it!

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