Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Block: Week 1 Bedroom Reveal

The last elimination saw Kim & Matt and Bec & George leave The Block. This means Dea & Darren have won the final spot on The Block. I'm not sure how I feel about this... whilst I do love her style we have just seen them last season and I kind of feel it's because they had a tantrum. Hopefully there wont be too much drama this season. It would be a nice change to see everyone get along as just renovate/decorate their little hearts out but it seems Dea and Anastasia are set to clash already.

I'll start with the elimination rooms

I really like this room and I can see why it won. I think the coloured pendant lights made the room. Without them it wouldn't have looked as special.

My favourite room out of the all star teams. I love fresh plants and I really like how they had the furniture custom made. The floors are simply stunning! Shame to see them go but I'm sure we will continue to see more of them else where.

I love the decisions they made and it's different to any style they have done before. It was a romantic room. I liked the wall lights, never seen lights like them before.

For the other teams Ayden & Jess are the winners this week. Charlotte & Josh came a close second and Tim & Anastasia were third.

I miss the fun colour they had previously done in other rooms. Whilst I know this is the general style I hope they bring some more fun colour back to the future rooms otherwise they all start to look the same.

I agree with all the judges comments. The table is bit big for the room and the prints didn't suit the feel of the other items in the room. It felt a little hotel to me with the white bed and bold prints.

Loved the splash of colour. I really like the yellow and I did like the crosses in the room. I was not a fan of the items on the bedsides or that cat toy.
What was your favourite room this week? Are you happy with the judges decision?


Shan@FortyUp said...

I'm with you, can't help thinking the whole Dee & Darren thing is a set up, they just bring me down!!

Kerith said...

I heard D&D threatened to sue Channel 9 if they were allowed back to redeem themselves. I LOVED all the 'all-stars rooms' though I did not like the finish of the wallpaper for D&D. I don't like seeing obvious joins and the STILL wet wallpaper.

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