Monday, February 02, 2015

The Block: Elimination Week

And then there were 5......
Last week we saw the Mark and 'JJ' get eliminated from The Block. I actually didn't think their room was the worst but we all have different tastes. My favourite was Luke & Ebony's (yellow) room. I liked that they did a different layout and used gorgeous colours in the room. I did like the winning room I'm just over the timber walls plus I like colour in my rooms.

Tonight we will see who is the next team to leave. As long as Ebony & Luke stay til the end im happy!

FIRST PLACE: Josh & Charlotte - 17.5 points
SECOND PLACE: Aimee & Brooke - 17 points 

THIRD PLACE: Ayden & Jess - 16.5 points
 FORTH PLACE: Luke & Ebony - 15 points
 FIFTH PLACE: Anastasia & Tim - 14.5 points
 LAST PLACE: Mark & Jessica 'JJ' - 14 points
Now only 4 teams remaining!
I was happy to see the girls go. I dont think they would have handled The Block compared to the other teams and i agree with the judges that all other rooms were better this week. In the girls space  everything was bit too dark and heavy for the space. I  loved  all the other rooms this week - I love the use of colour in Ayden & Jess's space. I think Ebony's taste is beautiful, whilst i wouldnt use peach myself the space looked amazing.

Not long now til we find out who is the last team to leave and which 3 teams will be moving to The Block. Please let Ebony & Luke stay!!

FIRST PLACE: Charlotte & Josh (again)
SECOND PLACE: Ayden & Jess
THIRD PLACE: Ebony & Luke
FORTH PLACE: Tim & Anastasia
FIFTH PLACE: Aimee & Brooke

Sooooo sad to see Ebony & Luke leave. I think it just came down to too much going wrong for them. Such a shame as i loved the colour they brought to their rooms and it was nice to see something different. This was the last elimination room before finding out which 3 teams would be moving to the real Block. Here are the 3 teams who made it through
 FIRST PLACE: Tim & Anastasia
 SECOND PLACE: Charlotte & Josh
 THIRD PLACE: Ayden & Jess
 LAST PLACE: Ebony & Luke
Next we see the triple threat teams (Bec/George, Dea/Darren & Kim/Matt) return to compete for the final spot on The Block! Who do you think it will be?


Karin @ Calm to Conniption said...

The most distracting thing on the Block this year is how perfect the dark haired cousin's lipstick is! I wish I could rock lipstick like that. That's all I can think about every time I see her wearing some.

Rebecca Senyard said...

Thanks so much for the summary! I missed it last night getting work done. I will definitely be watching the bathroom reveals!

Lime & Mortar said...

I did think you must love Bathroom week Rebecca :) :)
Karin you are right, Brooke's lipstick is always done well

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