Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Colour Pop: Purple & Teal

I asked for colour suggestions over on Lime & Mortar Facebook page. One of our readers Tammy asked for purple and teal. I love this colour combination. One of my favourite set of stickers called 'purple peppermint' is this combination. When looking for homewares there was not a huge range of purple items but i did find some which works lovely with teal and wood.

a) Adairs - Arkana Cushion
b) Kmart - Memo Pad 
c) Kmart - Bath Towel
d) Target - Bath Text Bath Mat
e) Design Stuff - Umemi Knot Cushion
f) Freedom - Raffaelle Vessel 37cm
g) Freedom - Raffaelle Vessel 29.5cm
h) Freedom - Astrid Chair
i) Myer - Purple Glass Vase
j) Target - Brooklyn Candle Pillar 
k) Freedom - Clarity Table Lamp
l) Freedom - Frankie Throw
m) Freedom - Chelmsford Side Table
n) Myer - Vintage Lace Frame
o) Freedom - Seafoam Velvet Cushion
p) Myer - Vue Placemats 
q) Design Stuff - Umemi Knot Cushion
r) The Furniture Shack - Salt & Pepper Teapots
s) Myer - Sheridan Luxury Towel


Tammy Burton said...

Thank you for picking my colour combination Leanne. I love what you put together! :) (p.s i even have the cute little memo pad )

Anonymous said...

My bathroom and en-suite use these colors independently! Purple in the girls bathroom, Teal in mine. I need some of these items!

Kat - The Organised Housewife said...

Ooh i love these colours together!! I have just put some teal/ blue into my bathrooms and i must say i am loving it!

fmac said...

I have the lamp from freedom and just love it! It matches perfectly with a tray from kmart, which is the same colour. Wouldn't have thought to put purple with it... may consider changing to that when we get rid of the red that is in the living room.

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