Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Kmart Buys

Recently Kmart launched many new homewares in their stores. It sent my instagram and facebook crazy with everyone's finds and purchases. I read stories of arguments and crazy shoppers and all sorts. Rest assured I want not one of those crazies... I managed to calmly get the items I wanted with both the kids in tow.

Here are the items I got for my home. I also got 4x black matt stools for when we do the alfresco bar area and black wire basket for the balls outside. No photos of those yet but I am looking forward to sharing the outside progress with you soon.

 Yellow Plant Stand
 Yellow Ceramic Vase
 Ceramic Dog, White Tray and Silver Vase (only the dog was new)
 Tall Aqua Basket - going to fill it with pretty wrapping paper
 Couldnt resist these wire serving baskets. Will be great for entertaining. Wooden board also from kmart

What did you buy from the recent new range? Did you encounter any crazies?


Natalie Land said...

I bought clothes today from Kmart :) I need a new wardrobe so am stocking up on cheap essentials.

Ashlea Kerr said...

Yes the sale was CRAZY at my store. Everyhting was sold out in minutes...I kept checking back but they didn't seem to restock. I wanted the basket you bought for wrapping paper, that was my idea too. I thought it would work perfectly. I got the pot stand but am still trying to find a pot that fits and works with my interior :) Those wire baskets are cute too, I can imagine homemade fish & chips would look and taste so great out of those :)

KL eternalicons said...

I was lucky to buy a few of the round strap mirrors. All for friends and family! I had ordered one for myself online so I didnt miss out and after theyd sold out in store they cancelled my order!!!! So I missed out! Gotta laugh!

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate enough to go into my local Kmart a few days before the sale officially started and was pleasantly surprised to see the stock out already. Bought a few goodies with no crowds! If these latest items are so popular, why don't they make them part of their everyday stock? Bron

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