Thursday, December 04, 2014

What Are Your Christmas Colours?

Do you prefer traditional Christmas colours such as red, gold and green or do you prefer some different colours? Do you keep the same scheme each year or rotate through different themes?

In our house the colour scheme is bright and colourful most consisting of purple, pink, lime and blue. I think its a fun colour scheme whilst the kids are young. In a year or so id like to change to white, silver & lime combo but who knows i may change my mind. Lime on a white christmas tree would look really pretty.

I don't go too overboard with Christmas decorations just a few items, like the rest of my house its simple with a pop of colour.

Decorated by the kids.. i just did top bit. I think they did a fantastic job!
Kids got some decoration in their playroom too (looking forward to getting fruit salad banner to fill that space in the middle)

Once i change my colour scheme i think a pom pom garland would look great hanging on this mirror

I designed this print for the frame in my study. You can get this print for FREE in two different sizes. If you do use this print in your home this Christmas i would love to see some photos! Either send through email, pop on our facebook page or tag me on instagram @limeandmortar
8x10" Print or 6x4" Print - PERSONAL USE ONLY


Ashlea Kerr said...

I am doing a coastal Christmas this year - usually its gold and silver on my green tree. This year I wanted to try something different! Love your colourful Christmas for the kids though, gorgeous~

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

Your home is looking very festive, love it!
My colours on the tree are very similar to yours silver, pink, purple and blue :)
I have reds and golds in a gold bowl and decorate my house plants with my special ornaments, which are also red

Fleur - Our Urban Box said...

Looks lovely Leanne. My tree is filled with a mix of different and eclectic baubles I have collected over the years, no two are the same. I then use cheapies from bigw to fill the tree on the inside. So no colour scheme.

Sarah said...

Gorgeous Christmas decorations. Thanks for sharing your lovely ideas for stylish festivity. We're going for minimalism this year - just a small tree and fairy lights.

Lucy @ Bake Play Smile said...

Love your house! So gorgeous!!! Still can't believe we have exactly the same dining table and chairs!!!!

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