Saturday, December 06, 2014

Shout Out To Our Lovely Sponsors

We currently have some great sponsors. Some you may recognise and some are new! If you want to discover more blogs and an awesome product go check these guys out!

Lilly Pilly Arts
Kirsty at Lilly Pilly Arts creates amazing wooden block names/words. They are all crafted and hand painted by her. I have wooden name blocks in both my kids bedrooms and you would have recently seen my new 'Lime & Mortar' + pineapple blocks in my study. They are closed until January but do check out the items and get your order ready!

Our Urban Box
Fleur has recently given have blog a little make over. The new colour scheme is pretty! Fleur is building her urban box in the future and im looking forward to following her home build planning. She shares with us her life as a mum with some great tips. Get her recipe for her best ever brownies.

CLI - Cats, Lifestyle, Interior 
Miriam's page features modern mid-century furniture, design inspirations, cats and all the little things that keep life interesting. She also talks about food, shopping and her travels. I like her DIY post for
Christmas Tree Decoration for Small Spaces.

Life At Number Five

Lauren is a lovely lady who shares her life with us.. from her travels (she has been on some fantastic holidays), to her thoughts, ideas and also some recipes too! See 28 things she would like to do before she turns 28 - HERE

Michelle is packing up her life and moving interstate to Melbourne. Follow her new adventure in 2015 as they set up their new life. Read about Choosing a Suburb when moving interstate and how Sharing a Room works for her kids and family.

Designed For Life

Myrline is a Melbourne based interior design graduate. She shares with us many gorgeous photos of interior spaces and some fantastic DIY ideas.

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