Monday, December 01, 2014

FMS Photo-a-day: November

Yay i completed another full month of FMS Photo-a-day. I really enjoyed this month and will continue doing it for December. It's nice being able to be a little creative by coming up with what you will take a photo of that day.

Have you taken part? See below for December's list and come play on instagram. Follow Lime & Mortar, comment below your user name if you'd like me to follow you back!

Finish the year with a 'snap, bang, pop'. Download Little Moments App to add cute quotes, text and designs. You can also see daily prompts and get sent a reminder each morning.


Lauren @ Create Bake Make said...

Lovely photos! I really enjoy participating in PAD too. I'm sometimes a little slack and forget to actually share the photos I take, particularly if I take them on my DSLR, I guess it's really more about the creativity though. Thanks for sharing your month x

Lime & Mortar said...

I mostly take mine with my iPhone. Hence why some aren't best quality haha. It's good fun isn't it! Will keep a close eye on yours this month

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