Monday, December 08, 2014

Taking Stock

At the end of each month Fleur at Our Urban Box does a taking stock post. Taking stock is where you take a moment to reflect on your past month and write it down. Pop over and read her answers Taking Stock: November.

I've decided i would like to give this ago... infact i think i need a moment. Can i get a moment?? Jess Mauboy's song just popped into my head!

Making: Christmas cards for family

Cooking: Banana choc chip muffins (my banana bread recipe)

Drinking: Icy cold water

Reading: Adore Annual Magazine

Wanting: A spa pedicure, i want a change of colour

Looking: At photos of my kids this past year. Miss S has grown so much

Playing: FMS Photo a day, you must come join in the fun

Deciding: What to put on next week's meal plan

Wishing: The 19th December would hurry up... Julian flies home!

Enjoying: Chocolate..... need i say more?!

Waiting: For replies to emails

Liking: The new friends i have made in blog world

: If we will finish our backyard next year

Loving: The excitement for Christmas this year

Pondering: What do i want for Christmas

Considering: What style furniture for the parent retreat

Watching: Nothing, most my shows are finished

Hoping: For new opportunities to just appear

Marveling: My Fiddle Leaf Fig has new leaves... i thought it was close to death

Needing: A cleaner. Im a bit over cleaning at the moment

Smelling: Peppermint, just cleaned desktops with Kleen Mint spray

Wearing: New Jeanswest goodies

Following: Instagram, im visual so i love pretty images

Noticing: How quick 2014 has gone, year is almost over

Knowing: I have a lovely little community, makes me happy

Thinking: Never stops. Most my ideas some to me as im trying to fall asleep

: How confident some ladies are

Sorting: Plans and ideas for 2015

Buying: Too many sneaky treats when food shopping

Getting: Lots of parcels... too much retail therapy

Pinning: Christmas crafts, wrapping ideas and washi tape creations

Disliking: Unsupportive people

Opening: More Sonny Angel dolls

Giggling: Miss S's story telling... so much expression

Feeling: Like i dont have enough time in the day

Snacking: Orange Chocolate Muesli Bars

Coveting: So many gorgeous items i see on instagram

Helping: Friends and family

Hearing: Sofia the First... all day most days. Miss S can't get enough!


Fleur - Our Urban Box said...

Thanks for the mention lovely and for joining in. I'm so jealous of your fiddle leaf fig, I've been searching high and low for one locally and just can't get one! Can't wait to see what your plans for 2015 will be! Amazing I am sure. x

Jo at ZigaZag blog said...

What a wonderful list of gratitudes. I hope 2015 is going to be equally as good, and that we might get to meet IRL too :)

Jess - alittlepartoftheworld said...

What these taking stock post's. They are a great way to catch up Jx

Nicole @ The Builder's Wife said...

This is a lovely idea, would be wonderful to reflect over a year of these lists.

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