Sunday, December 14, 2014

Facebook Doesn't Like You...

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook and it seems you may too!

I set up our Facebook Page as a good way to communicate with you lovely readers and for you to be able to get notifications of new posts. However Facebook has other ideas and most posts in the last couple of weeks now only reach 1/4 of you. It's a shame really...i remember the day that if you liked a page all the posts showed on your news feed. It was great! I'm now missing posts from pages i follow despite the fact i often interact with them.

If you are not seeing Lime & Mortar daily links to new posts on Facebook and would like to get a notification then the best way would be to subscribe your email using the top bar on the right --------> Don't worry i wont be sending you any spam, you'll purely just get my new post each morning.

Alternatively come join in the conversation on Facebook and hopefully Lime & Mortar will show to you more often. I would hate for you to miss out on anything great!


Renee McIntosh said...

When you like a page you can choose to get notifications, if people select this option then they will receive the notification for your posts. But agreed that its such ashame not everyone sees the posts, i found this with blue dog towards the end. And i think its gotten worse in the last 6 months.

Fleur - Our Urban Box said...

Facebook sucks. They just want to make you pay for everything and I am refusing to do that for what is essentially a hobby at this stage.

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