Sunday, December 21, 2014

FIFO Life at Christmas Time

Julian's job is FIFO (this means Fly In Fly Out). He has been doing this work since Master T was 6 months old (almost 5 years). We have been lucky enough to be on a 2/1 roster (away for 2 weeks and home for 1 week) for most of that time. He has just started a 4/4 roster... We just completed 4 weeks away and now get 4 weeks together... which is most of the summer school holidays. Yay!

There are many pros and cons to FIFO and it's not for everyone, but it works for us. We love having solid chunks of time together. Only downfall for us is when he misses out on special occasions/events such as Christmas. He has missed 2 Christmases so far. One of the years a good friend of mine invited me and Master T over to have lunch with her family. It was really nice to watch our boys play and be included. If you have any friends whose partners are FIFO (or defense) workers reach out to them this Christmas. Don't assume they have friends and family to spend the day with it's really hard to sit at home on your own on Christmas. No one wants to be alone on Christmas.

We are so lucky Julian is home for Christmas this year as we never really know when he will be home as rosters and jobs change. I will be fairly quiet this week as i take some time to enjoy Christmas celebrations and spend time with my family (and get some 'me' time after 4 weeks on my own with the kids). After Christmas i will be back posting most days and im excited for 2015!

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Tash said...

I am a FIFO worker, and whilst I dont have any kids or a partner, it's pretty sad to be away from everyone at this usual time of gathering. My family and I have been more prepared for this one than we were last year, and have managed to have our family Christmas celebration and gathering this weekend, ready for my next departure. Still, it's tough to be away, and not have access to the usual level of contact with the outside world on the actual day.

Enjoy your bonus of Christmas together! Just luck of the roster and rotation swing, but great for you guys! Your kids will have a special one, for sure!

KL eternalicons said...

I have a girlfriend who is FIFO and although her children are adults it is very difficult, especially, as you say, when rosters clash with important events. Have a wonderful Christmas as a whole family!

Karin @ Calm to Conniption said...

It is very exciting when they are home for special occasions. My husband wasn't supposed to be home this Christmas (was due to fly out today) and got the word that he isn't required for another week straight after we had celebrated our Christmas Day on Sunday. Super lucky and excited he will now be home. Just have to rewrap his presents. :)

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