Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Block: Week 10 Terraces

Tonight was the last room reveal, the final piece of the puzzle.... the terraces. We saw Tim & Anastasia return after their tantrum which I'm sure was hard to do. I kind of feel they don't really deserve it now but I guess they were very close to the end.

Dea & Darren had the largest and only outdoor terrace. They were able to create different zones. I loved all the different textures as it's what I envision for our back garden. I do wonder what you do with the cushions and the pretties when it's bad weather though?

Charlotte & Josh had a lovely spacious terrace. I really liked the lights they had on their wooden wall. I would love to see them lit up at night time. I have a thing for lights that create patterns (as you may have noticed in my home)

Ayden & Jess managed to create another lounge space. The judges called this their 'summer lounge'. I didn't think the space looked very inviting or comfortable though.

Tim & Anastasia presented a finished space. It felt very small but to be fair their choice of furniture would have been very limited when using only vouchers. Hopefully they take the judges suggestions on board.

Next the contestants will have 72 hours to fix up their apartments ready for auction. One team will also win a car to sell with the apartment. Following that the buyers advocates and judges will give their final scores of each apartment with prize money to be won. First place will get $20k, second place $15k and third place $10k.

Wednesday night is auction night. It's the one night I'm sure to stay off all social media so I can watch without having any idea what the outcome will be. I'll be sure to come do my final The Block Triple Threat post on Thursday

FIRST PLACE: Dea & Darren

SECOND PLACE: Josh & Charlotte

THIRD PLACE: Ayden & Jess

LAST PLACE: Tim & Anastasia

Which one was your favourite terrace?

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