Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Artwork = New Cushions

A week or so ago I ordered a new artwork for my family room. There is a huge wall with only my clock on it  and I have wanted to do something with the big empty space for a long time. I'm really fussy with my artworks but I finally found one I love!

Here is the empty spot in my family room. There's still more wall past the clock on the left too

This is the artwork I ordered. It's 140x140cm so it's quite large. I was contemplating 160x160cm but as the colours are bold I thought it might be a bit too much. 

Adairs is my go to place for cushions, I love the quality and large selection. Also being a linen lover I get discount and free delivery which is great as my local store rarely has all the items I want. I went through all the cushions and saved the photos of the ones I liked and thought would work well with the artwork. Next I open up PicMonkey and inserted the artwork image and all the cushion images. Easily I could see which ones did not work so deleted them and left the rest.

I posted this image on Lime & Mortar facebook page and asked for votes as I was struggling to choose. I knew I wanted metallic silver one so that was a must. 

The winning cushions were 2,3 & 4. When adding the cushions to my cart I spotted another cushion with deep colours which matched the painting well. So here are the cushions I have ordered, along with part of my sofa to show the colour with them. I'll probably use couple of the lighter grey cushions still with the new ones.


Rutendo Chitura said...

Beautiful Leanne. The cushion colours work well with your artwork. I love adairs as well. Just bought their laundry liquid for my new house and new washinh machine. Cant wait to use it for the first time.

KL eternalicons said...

Love the artwork and the cushions you've chosen to pick up the colours in it! I love Adairs too; their LL club offers fantastic savings which I use too.

Lime & Mortar said...

Thanks, im excited for it to arrive. I'd say it will arrive in the 4 weeks Julian is away so ill have to wait until like June to hang it :(

KL eternalicons said...

I reckon a tool kit is needed for Mother's Day!

Lime & Mortar said...

The drilling into brick whilst standing on the ladder is part that scares me haha. Too heavy for my trusty Velcro strips I used for the photo wall

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