Sunday, April 12, 2015

Our Deck Plans

When I posted our parent retreat progress I briefly mentioned our plans for under our new pergola. Julian is now home for his 4 weeks off and we plan to get the deck part complete. Work starts today! Julian builds pretty much everything in our gardens and I have no doubt the deck is going to be great.

Here is how the area currently looks - the deck itself will be 6 x 4.1m plus the walkways. We plan to use this space for outdoor lounges and will look into adding a ceiling fan also.
There will be a decked walkway from the limestone in the alfresco which will be the same level then you'll step up onto the main deck. There will then be another decked walkway from the deck to the grass. Along the grass side and alfresco side will be a rocky dry creek with river stones and likely some plants. Along the fence line and the back planter box wall will be lots of lush green plants. We are thinking about tiger grass, bamboo, bromeliads, rheoos, cycads, parlour palms and so on.

Also up on the planter box wall (area if half cut off) will be a tall water feature with water flowing down the tiles and then the plan is to have it over flow over the limestone wall also. Hard to picture but I know Julian has great plans. We have chosen a nice metallic tile for the water feature (where the grey space below is).

Here is a VERY rough drawing to give you a general visual (haha it's so bad I know just go with it). Then picture some sort of modular lounges in L shape in corner near the plants and a coffee table. Probably add some hanging plants or pot plants etc to the space also.
Hopefully within few weeks I will have deck photos to share with you!


Anonymous said...

Wow that looks like it will be fantastic. Can't wait to see how it turns out! Check out modpots XD I found them at the homeshow yesterday, they could be fun. Also maybe consider some lighting?

Lime & Mortar said...

There will be lighting in the fan and on the back wall amoungst garden and in the water feature also

KL eternalicons said...

Is going to look fabulous! I reckon it will be a much loved area of the garden too.

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