Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Block Triple Threat Auction Winners

Congratulations to Dea & Darren for their amazing win! After completing 2 seasons of The Block in a row it has sure paid off with a huge winning of $935,000!! A block record!
My jaw was on the ground for all auctions. What an mind blowing amount of money to win with each couple all winning over $600k. That it life changing,, thats an entire mortgage paid off (plus extra for some).

I am so happy for that everyone walked away with a huge profit (all though I still dont think T & A should have but it's done). Looking forward to seeing Ayden & Jess in Reno Rumble which starts next Tuesday night!


Dea and Darren Reserve: 1,455,000
Final bid: 2,290,000
Profit: 835,000 + $100,000 prize money

Josh and Charlotte
Reserve: $1,390,000
Final bid: $2,200,000
Profit: $810,000

Tim and Anastasia
Reserve: $1,420,000
Final bid: 2,175,000
Profit: 755,000

Jess and Ayden
Reserve: 1,335,00.
Final bid: 2,000,000
Profit: $665,000

One final look through the winning apartment!

Were you happy the winners and the overall outcome?

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