Thursday, April 09, 2015

My 7 Vignettes - January to April

You have probably seen me mention 7 Vignettes are few times usually on my FMS photo a day posts. I have really love this photo challenge and looking at everyone elses stunning creations. 7 Vignettes happens from the 1st-7th of each month. A few days prior to 1st of each month Interiors Addict will post the new list on instagram along with the month's judge. There are prizes to be won each month. The prizes don't concern me I just really enjoy the photo challenge.

You can read more here: 7 Vignettes by Interiors Addict

So far I have completed 3 months and would like to share them with you. I take all my photos using my iphone 6 plus and only edit through the instagram app.

I will start with my most recent which I just completed. This month I kept the same background and one of my marble coasters. I LOVE this month's grid and think I will do something similar next month (depends on the list). I think I prefer flat lays also as most my favourite photos from these challenges have been flat lays.

1.Blush - the only thing I owned in blush was actual blush (which is around 10 years old hehe)
 2. Bloom - these gorgeous flower photos were a gift from Jess from A Little Part of the World. I 'borrowed' the flowers from my neighbours.
 3. Light - This one was difficult...
 4. Soft - I adore this one and it was very popular with others. Soft marshmallows, cotton & knit
 5. Easter - chocolate eggs, hot cross bun and a bunny... everything Easter!
 6. Weave - Another more difficult when it comes to flat lay. I used some hessian and a the lid from my laundry basket.
 7. Gold - all things golden

This next one was from March. I chose to do a stationery theme as it's one thing I own a large variety in. This one was fun!
 1. Metallic - I chose gold with a few touches of silver. I like the light in this one
 2. Shelfie - my most favourite shelf in my study. Full of colour and goodies!
3. Bedroom - Keeping with my stationery theme you can see my planner on my bed. One of the quietest and comfiest spots in my home to plan.
 4. Freestyle - of course I had to use pineapples. This is scatter love card which I cannot part with. This photo was featured as favourite by March's judge Keeki.
 5. Shiny - I had just switched my ECLP cover to the silver foil one which was great timing
 6. Blue - I didn't have as much blue stuff for a flat lay so I went with a blue vignette
 7. Floral - limited floral stationery, this is all the floral stuff I own

I missed February, I must have been swamped with Master T starting school full time etc. January was my first ever attempt at 7 Vignette's. I can see an improvement each month with my photos so far. I look forward to see what I can come up with in May.

This is January's grid

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