Saturday, June 06, 2015

My Study Becomes My Work Space

My study.. now my work space is one of most popular rooms in my home when I post photos here on the blog and on instagram. I'm lucky to have a large space, adjoining my main living space of my home so I am not shut away in a room all day. I recently restyled the shelves in my work space to add some more storage and just change things around as I do spend the majority of my time in here designing, blogging, completely orders and so on so it's a nice change.

Here is a photo from before I restyled and started my Etsy business (click here to see more photos).
As you can see its fairly organised and lots of space. But now my business requires more space and the desk on this side is fairly full. Still plenty room though on the other desk. I feel like I need to give my work space a good clear our (all drawers, cupboards etc) and refresh it all. I'm considering adding handless cupboards to cover the top shelves but leaving the bottom 3 open. I can't decide though.
On the wall behind where I sit is a chalkboard calendar wall sticker. I have barely used this since the start of the year as I use my EC planner for everything. I think it is time to remove it from the wall and replace with something else. I considered artwork but I want something more useful. So I'm thinking peg board. I love the look and I love how you can add stuff to it.

I'm choosing between doing a long vertical pieces from skirting boards up to the cornices or if I should do a large horizontal rectangle where the calendar currently is.
Here are some inspiration photos for pegboards used in ladies work spaces. Click the image to be taken to the original link and see more of their awesome spaces.
I love this idea of using clipboards. I will prob add some to my board for letters from kids school, inspirational quotes etc. 
Im thinking typing out loud and I love lists so here are things I am thinking of changing and adding. I'd love your feedback!

1) The grey/gold triangle wall to mint colour and possibly add silver spots or white crosses or something - spread out so doesn't become too busy
2) Chalkboard calendar to a pegboard (long vertical piece or horizontal rectangle)
3) Computer monitor will be changing to a bigger better one. 

1) White hand-less cupboards to the top shelves and leaving the bottom row of 3 open.
2) Something to cover all the cables as other solutions have not worked
3) Clipboards to my pegboard

Now it's just a matter of finding the time to make my study become my work space. Hopefully in a few months I'll be sharing my lovely new updated space!


Charlene Morunga said...

Love your office space Leanne! Look forward to seeing the changes over the coming months. I love the clipboard ideas too - they are great for displaying children's artwork too.

shubham said...

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Michael Tran said...

Love your desk! Where did you get the desk from? Is it custom made?

Lime & Mortar said...

Yes it was all custom made 😊

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