Monday, June 08, 2015

Erin Condren Life Planner 2015/16

Between 11pm-1pm tonight the new Erin Condren Life Planners will be launched! There is option for 18 month planner which is July '15 to December '16 OR 12 month planner which January '16 to December '16. The 18 month one comes with a bigger coil which is great if you add lots into your planner.

There has been some changes this year to the vertical layout of the planner. Here is a preview of one of the weeks so you can see the main differences. The top is the new layout and the bottom photo is the current layout (please ignore my bin sticker).

You can see the day/dates are more simplified. The calendar in top left corner is now replaced with a thankful thought box (you could use this box for anything). I will be selling calendar stickers in my etsy shop as I know there is a few of you who will miss it. The writing in the sidebar has been replaced with a blank flag for you to write your own heading. There is no longer morning/day/night headings above each both and the writing below the boxes is gone. Those are the 2 changes I am most happy about!
Erin Condren has also introduced a new horizontal layout. The colour palette for this horizontal layout is different to vertical.. the colours are softer and different for each month. As you can see August in horizontal is blue but it's yellow in vertical. The boxes are lined for those who prefer lines to write on with an empty box at the end to use as you please. I'll most likely use my weekly sets in those boxes. Im yet to confirm the size but there will be an option for horizontal size for my weekly packs and EC box sticker designs.
There is also a limited edition rose gold planner. This planner will only be available as ready to shop (meaning you can't choose and personalise the cover). There is a limited amount so if you are wanting this planner order straight away! 
There is also a launch bundle which includes the new markers and brand new sticker book full of bright colourful stickers with foil accents. Click image for more info
I'm going to order the 18 month in both layouts as I want the larger coil. It's also great for my business to own both planners. I will be using one of them for my own personal use. I was positive I would be using the vertical layout but now I'm considering using the horizontal. I'm going to use horizontal for the month of December and make my decision one which style I will use for 2016.

Which style do you like best? See more using look books HERE

To celebrate the launch I'm having a sale. Use code 'ECLAUNCH' for 20% off orders $10+. Will end midday (Perth time) Thursday! Click image to be taken to my shop.

If you would like to save $10 off your first order (I also get $10) click the logo below!
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Jess Mel said...

Hi Leanne
I've had a look on the website, can you purchase the jan 16-dec 16 when they are available or is it only the 15/16 for now?

Tammy said...

@ Jess Mel Yes you can buy the Jan - dec 16, they are available when 15/16 planners come out. :)

Lime & Mortar said...

You sure can! That will be the 12 month option. They aren't on the website until very late tonight :)

arthi suresh said...

I have gone through your planners. It was so good. By arthisuresh

Marissa Ryan said...

Very beautiful life planners.
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Julia Roberts said...

These are some great planners. I definitely agree with you.

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