Thursday, October 01, 2015

My New Study/Workspace: Lime And Mortar HQ

A couple of months ago I shared with you my monochrome/mint Kmart hacks (see this post) that I did ready for my new work space. My work space is finally completed and I have been trying to get the time to take photos to share with you.

To jog your memory this was my previous work space. It was bright and fun and I really liked it however spending many hours a day in there I started to feel like all the shelves were caving down on me, feeling cluttered and so on. I also really need some additional storage for all my supplies for my etsy business. See more photos of my old study HERE
And with all my work stuff

I removed all the gold triangles and replaced with a white brick wallpaper from The Wallpaper Company. This wallpaper is self adhesive ready to stick straight onto the wall. I sent a photo of the space I was planning to wallpaper before I ordered. After I placed my order I was contacted about printing the brick pattern the opposite direction and making it to large pieces for me. This was great customer service as I would have had to cut it into a number of pieces and match the brick pattern. Wall paper is great way to transform a space... see this wall in my ensuite.

I had doors added to cover the top 2 shelves. One section is full of books and the rest is storage and I don't need to worry about it looking nice or uncluttered. I also have strip of the darker wood laminate added to the top and bottom of the white shelving unit to frame it and match the new overheads.

The white doors with the white brick wall paper really brighten the space up. It feels more organised and calm. I added in mint touches as I really love mint and I think it is calming also.
Wooden Blacks: Lilly Pilly Arts

This corner is my main working area. I added the shelf to keep as much off the bench as possible. I have a lovely little garden outside. We plan to add a feature screen behind the tree at some point. Probably black to make tree pop and reduce the glare off the limestone/fence.

Meet Cleo and Porsha my sticker cutting machines. Porsha is a rebel though so I rarely use her. She just sits in the corner looking pretty.

This is the wall behind me. I stopped using the chalkboard calendar once I got my planner. I did a post about using pegboard (see post here) however I decided storage was more important and added large overheads which are full of supplies and perfect. So glad I have them!
Sorry it took me so long to share this space with you!


Tammy said...

Great Job Leanne, it looks fantastic!

Unknown said...

I love every single thing you have done here Leanne, so gorgeous and functional !!

caris-l said...

Looks sooo great! Well done!

Sonia LifeLoveandHiccups said...

I have been eyeing off that wall paper for a while now and you have totally convinced me to go for it in our bedroom! I love your office, it looks absolutely gorgeous xx

Lime & Mortar said...

Thank you for the lovely compliments!

Sonia - Yes go for it.. it looks amazing.. everyone touches it when they see it :)

Eran Braveman said...

It is looking great. Loved it. I will go for it.

Lucy Grace said...

Wow, it look stunning. I really like it.

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Maddy far wood said...

Hello!! could you please tell me the name of the bed set?

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